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Upgrade your Taxi Tech with EchoMaster

Taxi Tech

Upgrade your Taxi Tech with EchoMaster

EchoMaster has always been known for our high-quality range of vehicle safety technology that allows fleet managers and drivers to work safely and more efficiently. But EchoMaster’s focus on the commercial vehicle sector isn’t just limited to trucks and vans. We also have a fantastic range of Taxi Tech suitable for use in smaller vehicles such as Taxis and other passenger vehicles, including Tamper-proof Dome Cameras, Connected DVR solutions and Side Alert Warning Sensors, along with conventional Dash Cams and Reversing Cameras. So let us give you ‘The Knowledge’ and show you why you need to upgrade your taxi tech.

Tamper-proof Dome Camera

Security within a taxi is of prime importance, not only for the safety of the driver but also for the safety of the passenger. A tamper-proof security camera deters would be criminals from attempting anything but also reassures law-abiding passengers that should anything happen there will be an accurate record of events. Making sure a camera is tamper-proof will also ensure that the footage cannot be altered or removed prior to requirement.

Connected DVR

A connected DVR allows a collated feed of all your camera signals in one place, ensuring they are kept safe. Once connected with the EchoMaster Connected platform, many of our taxi tech DVR products allow for wireless data upload, live viewing, remote management and sophisticated playback analysis, giving you the reassurance of indisputable video evidence that can be used for driver training and protection against claims.

Side Alert Warning Sensors

As a taxi driver maintaining safety on the road is essential to providing a high-quality service to your passengers, one blemish on an otherwise perfect driving record can significantly damage a driver and a company’s reputation costing customers and money. Side Alert Warning Sensors are just one taxi tech you can use to ensure safety and avoid accidents. The system helps reduce risk and minimises both collisions and damage by alerting drivers of large vehicles to obstacles such as cyclists or pedestrians within the vehicle’s blind spots, whether stationary or manoeuvring at low speeds.


A dashcam is an especially handy piece of taxi tech to have if you find yourself in a road accident and need video evidence of the incident. And if you’re the fleet manager of a taxi driver, you can use the dash cam to review their driving skills and ensure they are treating your vehicle with the care it deserves. A dash cam lets you know there’s an extra set of eyes in your vehicle serving as a witness to not just the road but your driving, you’re held accountable for your driving decisions.

Reversing Camera

Reversing manoeuvres are one of the most dangerous regular actions many drivers take when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Research has shown that almost 60% of all commercial accident claims involve reversing. So, taking any actions to minimise these circumstances is a smart move by drivers and fleet managers. Such as purchasing a reversing camera to help reduce blind spots, increase visibility and overall give drivers more confidence in where their vehicle is on the road.

For more information on any of the products listed above or any more Taxi Tech and to find out how EchoMaster can help your Taxi fleet feel free to get in touch with our team.

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