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Finding the right solution starts with identifying the problem

PROBLEMS: Businesses are facing ever increasing challenges when it comes to their fleets, these include but aren’t limited to:

  • A large number of regulations, requirements and permits
  • The increasing pressure on drivers and fleet managers to deliver in a quick and efficient manner
  • Escalating congestion and road closures
  • Vehicle Maintenance Requirements
  • Limited equipment

SOLUTIONS: The EchoMaster Connected platform allows managers of fleets of all sizes to minimise and even eliminate many of these problems along with providing fleet managers with a valuable asset that can:

  • Reduce operational costs, along with improving driver behaviour, while minimising litigation and claims
  • Receive detailed real-time insights into the performance of your fleet, including downloadable video feeds, reports and location data
  • Upgrade vehicles with the technology you need and connect your system to our dedicated online platform
  • Connect DVRs, cameras, monitors and other connected accessories will allow you to track your fleet in real-time and create a truly usable IoT
  • Be available on desktop, laptop and all your mobile smart devices.

I know what I want but will it work with different vehicle types?

The easy answer is YES. If you have a vehicle then our products and connected platform will work with your fleet


Heavy Goods


Light Commercial


Waste & Refuse




Bus & Coach




Blue & Yellow Light



The system that gives you everything you need at the touch of a button.

Video telematics is the most effective way to improve the efficiency and profitability of your entire fleet. From stakeholders to drivers, it gives everyone in the company an accurate picture of what is happening on the road. With better quality data, you can monitor and improve key priority areas within your business.

EchoMaster Connected can provide the complete solution for video telematics, offering hardware tailored to work with any vehicle and connecting everything to the cloud as one IoT. EchoMaster Connected acts as your ‘video witness’, accurately recording key video footage and analytics data to download for use as evidence or to improve efficiency across your fleet. The combination of our powerful platform and diverse product range makes EchoMaster Connected the perfect solution for vehicles in any industry.

The future of vehicle technology is ‘Connected’ #itscalledconnected

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The features you need

360 Degree Views Button

360 views from every vehicle

Mileage Route Button

Mileage and route checking


FORS compliance

FNOL Button

FNOL (First Notification of Loss)

Cloud Based Management Platform Button

Cloud-based management platform

Driver Monitoring Button


24 Hour Video Monitoring

24/7 video

Instant Notifications Button

Instant notifications

AI Functionality Button

Built in Ai

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Compatible Connected Products

IP67 Post-Mount Camera - BLACK

Connected DVRs

7" TFT/LCD Monitor & IP69K CCD Commercial Camera with Night Vision

Commercial Cameras

Monitors & Accessories

Side Alert System for Commercial Vehicles

Sensors & Alarms

IP67 Post-Mount Camera - BLACK

Ai & Driver Monitoring

Increase safety, Improve performance & take control of your hidden costs

Welcome to our Connected Smart Reporting Suite.

Adding safety equipment to aid the driver, warn pedestrians and alert the fleet managers of any problems is only part of our Connected system.

The Connected smart reporting suite allows you to analyse the GPS and video data captured from multiple cameras across your entire fleet. Instant alerts to incidents mean that you can act quickly. Triggers for harsh braking and dangerous driving can be set and recorded to help identify and train drivers saving expensive costs on vehicle maintenance.


24/7 Access to your entire fleet

All EchoMaster Connected DVRs come with 4G or Wifi as standard making sure you can always keep track of your vehicles across multiple devices. The cloud-based Connected Smart Suite ensures that your fleet is constantly available to you 24/7 and gives instant access to your fleet wherever you are.

Analyse your fleet in real-time

Gain a real-time insight into your fleet, live as it happens and see your problem areas as they occur. This allows you to act independently and modify your strategy as you go to ensure your fleet is working as quickly and efficiently as possible. The system also allows you to develop accurate, to the point reports to analyse and develop ongoing strategies to improve the performance of your fleet.


First Notification of Loss

The combination of EchoMaster’s high-quality driving cameras, DVRs and Connected Smart Suite make sure that in the event of an accident you are notified as soon as possible ensuring you can not only check the safety of your drivers and vehicles but minimise the time your vehicles are off the road due to maintenance. The system will also notify you if drivers are putting vehicles at risk through dangerous driving or driving whilst impaired.

A reporting suite that works for you

The Connected Smart Suite offers fully customisable reports that give a clear and accurate account of your fleet. This user-friendly system allows you to dive deep into the details of your fleet allowing you to make changes that both benefit the business and make your fleet as efficient as possible both on a financial and workflow basis.

Connected Safety Compliant

A system that is safe and compliant

The EchoMaster Connected Smart Suite runs from a UK based server managed by an inhouse team to ensure the security of your data, all processes follow strict data protocols and GDPR data compliance regulations making sure your data is secure.

Instant access and alerts on your mobile phone

The FREE mobile app gives you full access to your fleet on the go meaning you will never miss an update and can keep track of your team wherever you are. The instant contact the app gives you is an essential part of keeping you in touch with your fleet and by extension your IoT, allowing you to view reports, track individual drivers and even receive FNOL notifications.

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Get even more

EchoMaster’s Driver monitoring systems (DMS) and AI products can give you even more information on your fleet and its drivers. The DMS and AI equipment make sure your drivers are safe to manage your vehicles and will notify you if it spots any issues with alertness or breaches of motoring law such as using your mobile phone. This not only makes sure other road users are safe but maintains the safety of your vehicles to ensure they are properly driven.


FWD Collision


Pedestrian Detection


Distance Monitoring


Lane Departure


Driver Monitoring (DMS)

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