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From a small operation with just one vehicle to a global fleet with thousands, efficiency is key to maintaining high standards and retaining profits. Video telematics has been used by companies for over a decade in order to reduce operational costs and improve driver behaviour, litigation and claims. With the rise of ‘connected technology’, you can have more control than ever over a fleet of any size.

Discover EchoMaster Connected, your four-step plan to gaining detailed and real-time insights into the performance of your fleet. Upgrade your vehicles with the technology you need and connect your system to our dedicated online platform. Our DVRs, cameras, monitors and connected accessories will allow you to track your fleet in real-time and give you access to a host of data, including downloadable video feeds, location data and more, all easily accessible on desktop, laptop and all your mobile smart devices.




Video telematics is the most effective way to prove the efficiency and profitability of your entire fleet. From stakeholders to drivers, it gives everyone in the company an accurate picture of what is happening on the road. With better quality data, you can monitor and improve key priority areas within your business.

EchoMaster’s Connected solutions can provide the complete solution for video telematics, offering hardware tailored to work with any vehicle and connecting everything to the cloud as one system. EchoMaster Connected acts as your ‘video witness’, accurately recording key video footage and analytics data to download for use as evidence or to improve efficiency across your fleet. The combination of our powerful platform and diverse product range makes EchoMaster Connected the perfect solution for vehicles in any industry.


Our versatile dashboard gives you complete freedom over how you view, arrange and act on your data, providing an overview tailored to your exact requirements and the ability to drill down on specific details. Custom reports can be built and shared to set targets and keep track of important metrics at the push of a button, and email alerts can be configured to alert managers or FNOL (First Notification of Loss) teams to specific actions (ie. speeding or a collision). You can also connect to your entire fleet and share live or past journey information, video footage and contextual details to better understand events in the exact way that they happened.


Choosing the right products and solutions for your video telematics platform can be complicated. With EchoMaster’s simple four-step plan, we’ll help you choose the right products and data package so you can focus on what’s really important: managing your fleet.


Choosing the right DVR

The foundation for your telematics system – a quality DVR is essential for accurate and reliable vehicle data capture. Designed to cater for vehicles of any size, our DVRs boast a host of features, including; Pinpoint GPS tracking, 3/4G network connectivity and up to 2TB of onboard HDD storage.


Select the right camera

View the road through the driver’s eyes with our range of cameras. Designed to provide a comprehensive view of the vehicle and improve driver performance. We supply solutions for all vehicles and all angles, including many variants of front-facing, reversing, side-view cameras and dashcams.


Add your accessories

Accessories are a crucial part of any installation from a small car to a commercial fleet or heavy duty construction and agriculture machinery, our diverse range of monitors, extension cables, adapters, and add-ons make our system compatible with any vehicle, regardless of shape or size.


Select your data package

Get connected with our range of SIM options that can be tailored to your requirements. From 12 to 36 month contracts and a choice of data allowance, EchoMaster can provide you with the right package for your specific needs giving you complete control over your your fleet.

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