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The Questions to ask to ensure Progressive Safe System compliance

DVS 24 Questions to Ask

The Questions to ask to ensure Progressive Safe System compliance

DVS 24 – What are the right questions to ask your supplier about PSS compliance?

In this blog, we outline all the important key questions that must be asked before choosing a solution in order to ensure complete compliance with the Progressive Safe System meet Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard 2024.

What is DVS 24?

From October 28, 2024, all vehicles over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London must meet a new 3-star rating, an increase from the 1-star initially required for the first Direct Vision Safe System compliance.

Any vehicles that are required to comply with the new regulations and meet the Progressive Safe System (PSS) requirements, could face a penalty charge of £550 per day for non-compliance.

DVS 24 Progressive Safe System Questions

What additional technology is included in the DVS 24 Progressive Safe System specification?

The new PSS requirements include Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS), Blind Spot Information Systems (BSIS), Camera Monitoring Systems, Audio Warnings and warning signage.

Questions to ask your potential suppliers?

To guarantee the products you are selecting are compliant with the DVS 24 specification, you should ask your fleet safety equipment supplier the following questions;

Do their solutions meet UNECE Regulation 151 & 159?
As previously published by Transport for London, “If vehicles are approved to UNECE Regulation 151 & 159 they are considered to have a BSIS and MOIS system installed and  more effective than one designed for this specification.

As such these vehicles will be considered compliant with both BSIS and MOIS”. If a solution is stated as compliant your supplier should be able to produce the relevant test report and certification for your reference.

Is the BSIS system able to self-diagnose faults?
It must be clear to drivers if the blind spot information system (BSIS) is not working correctly.

The system should display a permanent error in the event of restricted functionality or a malfunction, (for example, sensor failure or covering).

Questions to ask - DVS 24

Does their system offer an information-only signal when talking about MOIS?
An “information” signal is to be activated whenever pedestrians or cyclists are within or about to enter the critical blind spot area in front of the vehicle, including when the vehicle is stationary and the handbrake is applied.

The system should not issue a collision warning if the vehicle is in a rest condition. This is an essential element to comply with the new regulations.

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