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FORS 6.0 comes into effect July 2022

FORS 6.0

FORS 6.0 comes into effect July 2022

The latest FORS 6.0 standard is set to come into effect on 1st July 2022. The newest version of the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme is designed to, “raise the level of quality within fleet operations,” by ensuring vehicles, drivers and fleet managers are all working to the highest standards of safety, efficiency and in an environmentally sound manner.

FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme that many companies now require their suppliers and service providers to abide by to maintain the highest standards. FORS 6.0 is broken down into three levels, Bronze Silver and Gold with each level containing different standards for safety and efficiency, each level must be completed before graduating to the next stage.

FORS 6.0 is just one of a number of accreditation schemes that aim to increase safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles, a large number of schemes such as DVS and CLOCS have similar aims but have a focused target area (DVS – London) (CLOCS – The construction industry) The FORS 6.0 accreditation scheme is available for the whole country and give a stamp of safety approval.

The latest edition of FORS has a number of updates over the previous 5.1 version, these improvements are not only to increase the standards FORS members are required to reach to achieve compliance, but also clarify various language throughout the articles. The changes made in FORS 6.0 can be viewed on Annex 6 of the main document.

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To view the full FORS 6.0 document please click here.

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