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Road Safety Week 2021: Our role in improving Vehicle Safety

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 2021: Our role in improving Vehicle Safety

Road Safety Week is in full swing here at EchoMaster, we are excited to be raising awareness and promoting road safety throughout the company in aid of reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on the UKs roads and encourage people to be a #RoadSafetyHero.

This week we have been holding our ‘SafeTee Day’ this is to raise awareness of the need to be visible when out on the roads, it also highlights the efforts road workers go through such as the emergency services and road safety professionals in their high visibility clothing to make sure the UKs roads run as smoothly as possible while maintaining the highest levels of safety for everyone involved.

Transport for London (TfL) have already introduced measures to improve road safety as part of the Mayor of London’s plans to eliminate road deaths and serious injuries by 2041. The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is a requirement for all operators of lorries over 12 tonnes if they wish to drive in London.

The DVS requires vehicles to be fitted with:

  • Both sides of your vehicle must have underrun protection

The nearside of your vehicle must have:

  • A camera monitoring system
  • A class V mirror
  • A sensor system that alerts the driver of any road users
  • You must have an audible vehicle manoeuvring warning system for left turns
  • As well as external markings and warning signage
  • Finally, a class VI mirror needs to be fitted to the front of your vehicle

EchoMaster fully encourage the measures TfL are taking and can offer many of the required technologies to achieve compliance with the DVS specification. Especially as it was recently found that 7,000 Hauliers have been fined by TfL for not complying with DVS since its introduction in March 2021. The DVS permit system is designed to reduce the risk posed by the most dangerous vehicles, something BRAKE are keen to do for all vehicles. Raising awareness of the need for compliance with the DVS regulations is not only beneficial for the message of road safety, but also encourages the rest of the country to take up these regulations in similar schemes outside of the capital.

EchoMaster are also holding a ‘SafeTea day’ later this week where we will be offering tea and cakes to staff and discussing the importance of road safety and show how they can ensure their safety when out on the roads in an effort to raise more awareness for BRAKE and road safety week in general. We are excited to be taking part in Road Safety Week for the first time being partnered with BRAKE.

For more information on Road Safety Week and how you can take part in highlighting the important work of road safety professionals and reducing the amount of deaths and serious injuries on UK roads please visit:

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