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The CAM-PD – All the vision you could ever need!

CAM-PD Pedestrian Detection Camera

The CAM-PD – All the vision you could ever need!

When running a larger vehicle on the road you have understand not only the weight of the vehicle but also the fact you are larger than 90 per cent of other vehicles on the road. This means that extra car must be taken by drivers to ensure the safety of the vehicle for other road users. Often it isn’t good enough to have a simple alarm when another vehicle is in the vicinity have direct visual contact can sometimes be the only way to avoid a costly accident.

The CAM-PD range offers versatility

Fleet Operators must ensure their fleet is as safe as possible when in their drivers hands to limit the risk of costly claims against the business. To maximise safety adding additional visual aids to vehicles ensures the drivers have maximum visibility to minimise costly accidents. The CAM-PD range of cameras allows a number of different viewpoints including front, rear and side-facing to maximise the viewpoint of the driver assisting them in any manoeuvres they have to make. The front and rear facing cameras even use pedestrian detection to alert the driver of any vulnerable road users in their path.

Complete the set for full 360-degree vision

When the entirety of the CAM-PD range is installed, drivers can benefit from full 360 degree vision allowing you to see all angles of your vehicle which will not only assist them when manoeuvring in tight spots such as depots and delivery locations but will also assist drivers when on the move. The AI-functionality of the Front and Rear cameras also means that in real-time they can improve driving safety and detect potential risks of collision with pedestrians or cyclists up to 20m away.

Strong and durable

The CAM-PD range are built to withstand the elements and so much more, with an IP69 rating the cameras are designed to provide optimum performance even in the most adverse weather conditions and can be mounted to buses, trucks or even construction vehicles.

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