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Advanced Driver Assistance & Monitoring Solutions

Advanced Driver Assistance

Advanced Driver Assistance & Monitoring Solutions

Our innovative range of Advanced Driver Assistance & Monitoring solutions use powerful AI functionality to offer an extra level of protection to your drivers, vehicles, and other vulnerable road users.

The powerful AI-functionality provides a range of warnings for both real-time driver and remote notifications when used alongside our innovative cloud-based video telematics platform.
If you are looking to prevent accidents, and monitor complex road situations and driver behaviour, contact us today.

Range Benefits

Increases Efficiency

Our solutions improve efficiency across your fleet by providing information on driving behaviour that may need improvement or reward.

Protects Drivers

Protects drivers in the event of accident or collision by eliminating fault on insurance claims & reducing the chance of points on drivers’ personal licenses.

Reduces Vehicle Damage

Reduces the chance of vehicle damage by providing a range of real-time alerts to the driver including Lane Departure, Distance Detection, Forward Collision, and more.

Instant Notifications

When combined with our Cloud-based Connected Platform they provide Instant Notifications 24/7 via the EchoMaster Connected Mobile app.


For more information on any of our advanced driver assistance products get in touch with our team now.

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