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EchoMaster Europe launches brand new Fleet Management App

Fleet Management

EchoMaster Europe launches brand new Fleet Management App

  • EchoMaster launch new Mobile Fleet Management App to allow fleet managers to monitor on the go
  • The App includes Live video Streaming, live location updates and live messaging services
  • The EchoMaster Connected mobile DVR Client app is available now on iOS and Android devices


The EchoMaster Connected mobile DVR Client app (available on iOS and Android) allows you to monitor your fleet on the go just as you would in the desktop version. This includes live streaming video from your vehicle’s onboard DVRs, receive live vehicle location updates, receive on the spot notifications in the event of an accident or crash involving your vehicles. The app also allows you to send text messages to your devices and view up to date online reports of the actions of your fleet.

EchoMaster realise that to run a successful fleet you can’t just spend your time sat behind a computer screen, at some point fleet managers do actually need to disconnect and ensure the smooth running of the fleet in person. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t access our connected platform and miss out on important updates from your drivers or observe ongoing situations such as accidents and deliveries.

The EchoMaster Connected mobile app is an essential addition to any fleet managers range of tools to ensure the smooth running of their fleet. Having access to your vehicles 24/7 is an incredibly important aspect of fleet management and having a platform that can keep up with your fleet is essential. The Connected platform is more than capable of meeting and exceeding your demands whilst keeping you updated on the comings and goings of your fleet.

For more information on the EchoMaster Connected Live telematics platform and the Connected Mobile app please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you with your unique business needs.

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