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Brake Road Safety Week – 1 Month to go

Road Safety Week

Brake Road Safety Week – 1 Month to go

There is just one month to go before the start of Road Safety Week 2021, the UK’s biggest road safety event and a week dedicated to highlighting the simple measures and procedures we can take to make our roads safer for all road users.

Road Safety Week inspires thousands of schools, organisations and communities to act on road safety and shout out for our right to make safe and healthy journeys every day. It also provides a great opportunity for anyone working in road safety to get more people involved with their work.

This will be the first year EchoMaster will be celebrating Road Safety Week following our partnership with BRAKE, the Road Safety Charity. We are excited to be highlighting the positive efforts everyone can make to make our roads safer and to be a road safety hero, the theme of this year’s event. Road Safety Week 2021 wants to bring to the forefront the heroic work of road safety professionals and demonstrate how we can all have an effect in making our roads a safer place to be.

You’ll see more updates from us in the coming weeks on our Road Safety Week 2021 preparations, but in the meantime for more information and the opportunity to sign up for Road Safety Week 2021 and get your FREE action pack full of ideas on how to get involved please click here.

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