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Driving Fines: Helping protect Fleet Managers from sharing driving offences

Fleet Managers

Driving Fines: Helping protect Fleet Managers from sharing driving offences

Fleet managers are at risk of facing the same hefty fines their drivers will face should they be convicted of a driving offence. The Licensing Bureau is warning all fleet decision makers to ensure all their drivers are responsible and compliant, or risk facing the same fines as their guilty drivers.

The Licence Bureau has stated that even though the original offence was committed by a third party, it was ultimately the fleet manager’s responsibility. Steve Pinchen, sales director of Licence Bureau, explains: “This much unknown rule has some very serious implications indeed for individuals and businesses alike.”

It is the fleet managers responsibility to ensure the drivers under their responsibility are properly licenced and are driving in accordance with the law, along with making sure their vehicles are properly maintained, insured and safe to be on the roads.  According to the Road Traffic Act 1988/1991 “Causing or permitting driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence can incur three to six points with fine up to £1,000.”

Fleet Managers risk the Company reputation as well

Pinchen went on to say  “Beyond the actual penalty points there are the knock-on implications for elevated risk profiles within the business and what that might mean for insurance premiums; professional and personal impacts for fleet managers; as well as potential for reputational damage for the company.”

EchoMaster can make sure you keep a track of your drivers and ensure they aren’t at risk of costing you money in fines and court appearances. Our EchoMaster Connected Platform allows managers of small fleets and larger fleets alike to receive detailed and real-time insights into the performance of your fleet.

Our DVRs, cameras, monitors and connected accessories will allow you to track your fleet in real-time and give you access to a host of data, including downloadable video feeds, location data and more, all easily accessible on desktop, laptop and all your mobile smart devices.

For more information on any of our products and to prepare your fleet for any future industry trends and regulations, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you with your unique business needs.

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