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Echomaster Connected LiveView Platform Server Upgrade

EchoMaster Connected

Echomaster Connected LiveView Platform Server Upgrade

The latest update for our EchoMaster Connected Desktop App is available to download now. Be sure to download before the 25th June to ensure you can still access the service and keep all of the amazing features and gain access to a whole of host of new ones, all designed to give you more control over your fleet wherever you are.  


If you haven’t had the chance to use our EchoMaster Connected LiveView Platform you’re missing out on features such as live camera views and GPS monitoring from your entire fleet, remote notifications of an accident and reviewable footage through our evidence centre. Reporting on various options such as camera outage or equipment damage so it can be repaired before its needed.


From a small operation with just one vehicle to a global fleet with thousands, efficiency is key to maintaining high standards and retaining profits. Video telematics has been used by companies for over a decade in order to reduce operational costs and improve driver behaviour, litigation and claims. With the rise of ‘connected technology’, you can have more control than ever over a fleet of any size. 


For more information on any of EchoMaster Connected LiveView Platform and to prepare your fleet for any future industry trends and regulations, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you with your unique business needs.  

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