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UKCA delayed indefinitely as CE Mark continues to recognised across UK

UKCA delayed indefinitely

UKCA delayed indefinitely as CE Mark continues to recognised across UK

The CE mark, which has long been a symbol of product compliance within the European Union (EU), is now gaining recognition in the United Kingdom (UK) following the country’s exit from the EU. As part of its post-Brexit transition, the UK has established its own conformity assessment system, the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark.

However, recent developments have led to a significant shift in the implementation of the UKCA mark, as its start date has been postponed indefinitely. In this blog we explore the implications of these changes and what it means for businesses and consumers in the UK.

The CE Mark’s Historical Significance

For decades, the CE mark has been a crucial indicator of compliance with EU safety, health, and environmental protection standards. Manufacturers who wanted to sell their products within the EU market were required to undergo a conformity assessment process to affix the CE mark to their goods. This mark served as evidence that the product met the EU’s rigorous quality and safety standards.

CE Mark Recognition in the UK

After the UK officially left the EU on January 31, 2020, it entered a transition period during which EU regulations and standards continued to apply in the country. The UKCA mark was introduced to replace the CE mark and ensure that products met UK-specific requirements. However, recognising the potential disruptions to supply chains and business operations, the UK government initially allowed CE-marked products to be sold in the UK until the end of 2021.

UKCA delayed indefinitely

Indefinite Delay of UKCA Implementation

In an unexpected turn of events, the UK government announced an indefinite delay to the mandatory application of the UKCA mark on products. This move came as a surprise to many businesses and stakeholders who had been preparing for the full transition from CE to UKCA. The delay is expected to provide more time for businesses to adapt to the new conformity assessment process and align their products with UK regulations.

Implications for Businesses

The indefinite postponement of the UKCA implementation is likely to bring mixed reactions within the business community. On the one hand, businesses that had already invested time and resources in securing UKCA compliance may feel frustrated by the sudden change in the timeline. Conversely, those who were struggling to meet the initial deadlines might welcome the extended period for preparation.

One significant advantage of the delay is that businesses will have more time to assess and streamline their compliance procedures, ensuring a smoother transition when the UKCA mark becomes mandatory. This may also lead to cost savings and better efficiency in the long run.

The chief executive of Make UK, the manufacturers’ lobby group, Stephen Phipson, welcomed the announcement, calling it “a pragmatic and common-sense decision” that would “safeguard the competitiveness” of UK manufacturers and help attract investment. “It should bring more confidence about doing business in the UK and recognises the need to work with the reality of doing business.”

Tina McKenzie, the policy lead at the Federation of Small Businesses, also praised the decision: “This will allow time for small firms to adjust to the UKCA marking system and focus on growing their business both at home and overseas.

Implications for Consumers

For consumers in the UK, the delay means that they can continue to purchase products bearing the CE mark without any immediate changes. As the UKCA mark was designed to replace the CE mark on products sold within the UK, the indefinite delay ensures that consumers will still have access to a wide range of products from both the UK and the EU without facing potential disruptions in supply.

However, it is essential for consumers to remain vigilant and informed about the changes that may come into effect once the UKCA mark is fully implemented. They should keep an eye out for updated safety standards and ensure that products they purchase continue to meet the required quality and safety benchmarks.


The recognition of the CE mark in the UK and the indefinite postponement of the UKCA implementation have undoubtedly created a dynamic landscape for businesses and consumers. While the delay may present challenges for some industries, it also offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to reassess their compliance strategies and ensure seamless adaptation to the UKCA requirements.

As businesses and stakeholders await further updates, it is crucial for all parties involved to stay informed about evolving regulations and prepare for the eventual transition to the UKCA mark. This will not only enable a smoother shift in conformity assessment processes but also ensure the continued safety and quality of products available in the UK market.

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