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EchoMaster launch exciting 360-Degree All-Round Camera System

EchoMaster 360-Degree All-Round Vehicle Camera System

EchoMaster launch exciting 360-Degree All-Round Camera System

360-Degree Views with No Blind Spots?

Every single vehicle on the road today, from small cars to large commercial vehicles have one or more blind spot areas around it that are obscured to the driver due to areas of bodywork or machinery attached to it.

When driving, changing lanes or simply parking, these blind spots present a significant risk to vehicles and vulnerable road users in the vehicle’s path by greatly reducing the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Although adding additional safety equipment such as extra mirrors or cameras will indeed help to reduce these blind spots, even with this extra assistance, drivers may still not see everything in the vehicle’s path. Recent research has shown that in the time it takes a driver to check all the vehicle mirrors, assess the surroundings, and then react to possible obstructions, even at a speeds of just l5kph a vehicle could travel as far as 10m.

Why Choose the EchoMaster CAM-360 All-Round Camera System.


All-Round Camera System


Full HD 1080p Ultra-Wide 180-Degree Camera Views Easy Configuration Customisable Camera Views

EchoMaster have recently launched an intelligent 360-Degree All-Round Camera Solution that offers an ultimate view around almost any vehicle.

Utilising Full HD 1080p Fish-Eye Cameras installed high-up on the front side and rear of the vehicle, the intelligent cameras take vehicle safety to the next level. The innovative 360-Degree All-Round Vehicle Camera System from EchoMaster is an intelligent solution designed to assist drivers of larger commercial vehicles by providing real-time views of the vehicle surroundings in a single image.

Mounted high on the front, rear, and sides, the intelligently calibrated cameras capture the vehicle surroundings including the Blind Spots in Full 1080p and are simultaneously processed, combined, blended, and stitched together with any disortion removed.

Why Choose the EchoMaster 360-Degree All-Round Camera System.

Auto-Switching Triggers
The CAM-360 All-Round Camera System also comes with Auto-Switching functionality to provide a clearer view of a specific area of the vehicle when manoevring. For example when the driver engages reverse gear the system will display a larger image of the rear-camera alongside the 360-Degree image. This can also be configured to provide the same image when indicating left or right.

Intelligent Driver Assistance
By utilising the optional CAN-bus module available, the system can use the vehicle speed, steering wheel angle and other CAN info to provide real-time intelligent driver warnings for moving off, Blind Spot Detection & Lane Departure Warnings.


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