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AI and Smart Tech | The Future of Fleet Management

AI Dashcams Smart Technology

AI and Smart Tech | The Future of Fleet Management

AI Dashcams and Smart Technology – Say Hello to the Future of Fleet Management

AI, or artificial intelligence, has been a hot topic in the fleet management industry this year. EchoMaster is taking a look ahead…

Artificial Intelligence Today

With a lot of people still seeing AI as futuristic tech, 2021 industry trends are giving us signs to believe AI will be at the forefront of new product development. 

Machine learning has long been a staple at EchoMaster, with much of our in-vehicle technology already benefitting from AI in our systems. So, what exactly is AI? What does it mean for our sector? And what may AI bring to the industry in 2021?  

Artificial Intelligence Explained 

Virtual systems, when properly designed, can help digest and prioritise data in realtime, quicker than any human ever could. This makes vehicle tracking and speed monitoring possible. Predictive AI goes one step further, by taking the data and calculating how likely risks are to occur, e.g. of collision, this little helper is a tool often used for risk management and forecasting.  

Did you know the term AI was first used over a decade ago? Though surprising for some, the concept of artificial intelligence is almost as old as Amazon. From smartphones to supermarket checkouts and the ever-evolving autopilot, AI is used throughout our society.  

The Use of AI in our Industry 

From monitoring driver performance to alerting us of speed violations, AI is a powerful tool that can be used for driver training and behavioural management, as well as road safety and improved driver comfort and customer service levels. At EchoMaster, the latest AI technology can be found in our AI Dashcams. Where a live video feed can detect dangerous behaviour from drivers, such as the use of their mobile phones when on the road and give you a clear perspective on how many of these situations occur and how to prevent this from happening in the future.  

To learn more about the innovative EchoMaster AI Dashcam and discuss how you can use this customisable solution for your company, contact our team today 

The Future of AI 

We are expecting great things from AI in the next five years. From measuring coach occupancy levels to calculating delivery accuracy and customer happiness. AI can be your fleet’s closest ally. Aiming to improve driver comfort, road safety and help your business thrive in the competitive industry we’re in. At EchoMaster our team of professionals work with data every day and are trained to single out the factors that could indicate a risk to your business. We use AI and other technology to deliver all our customers the best proactive service possible.