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Prevent Motorhome Mayhem and Campervan Chaos with EchoMaster


Prevent Motorhome Mayhem and Campervan Chaos with EchoMaster

With the excitement of the Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show going on this week at the NEC along with the incoming spring and summer sun, we are bound to see an army of leisure vehicles taking to the roads in the next few months. Since the start of the Covid19 Pandemic the number of people opting for a staycation rather than going abroad has skyrocketed with sales of Caravans and Motorhomes following suit.

For many of these new motorhome owners it will be their first time behind the wheel of a vehicle that size, some motorhomes reach up to 7 meters long and up to 3 meters high. We recommend any drivers who are uncomfortable behind the wheel to invest not only in driver training to improve their confidence at the helm of these unwieldly beasts, but to upgrade their motorhome with the latest driving cameras and sensors from EchoMaster.

Motorhome Accessories to make holiday life easier

We offer a massive range of universal fitment cameras suitable for a variety of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, that not only aid in reversing but can also monitor the front of the vehicle giving you the best possible view when in the driving seat of your home away from home. We also have a range of side alert sensors to warn drivers when they may be close to cyclists/pedestrians or other obstacles when driving.

It is of prime importance that drivers remain safe when on the roads no matter what they’re driving, however accidents happen so it is just as important to record evidence of these accidents to ensure the correct culprits are penalised. We offer Dash Cams specifically for this purpose, to ensure an accurate record is available for the police or insurance companies in the unfortunate event of an accident.

For more information on our range of campervan and motorhome safety products for your fleet feel free to get in touch with our team.

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