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Mental Health Matters – How EchoMaster can Help

Mental Health

Mental Health Matters – How EchoMaster can Help

Mental health has been a hot topic for a long time now and rightly so, its important for people to feel comfortable enough to open up about their struggles now matter what they be, and EchoMaster are extremely dedicated to promoting good mental health measures by companies to ensure the safety of both employees, customers and members of the public. We also strongly believe in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health to allow those struggling to feel comfortable enough to come forward and get the help they need.

Whether it be a small operation with just one vehicle to a global fleet with thousands, comfort and efficiency is key to maintaining driver’s well-being and positive mental health, using out EchoMaster Connected LiveView telematics platform, fleet operators can receive real-time, detailed understanding of the vehicles and drivers in your fleet making sure you can operate a safe compliant and most of all happy fleet.

Even making just small changes can alleviate many pressures drivers currently face, reducing stress and thus helping improve their mental health situation. Simply fitting a rear-view camera to a vehicle makes reversing much easier making driving a much more friendly task. Adding a dash cam give drivers the comfort of knowing that if they get into an accident, they have a clear account of events for the authorities. Additionally side alert sensors warn the driver of their surrounding and any hazards they may encounter ensuring they remain safe and secure whilst driving.

The growth of mental health difficulties within the motor industry is an incredibly worrying trend that EchoMaster are constantly looking for new ways to help combat it in any way we can. Through our products we aim to relieve the stress of fleet operators by ensuring that drivers have all the safety measures in place on their vehicles from cameras that make manoeuvres as easy as possible through to telematics software that ensures drivers are monitored to ensure they are not suffering from fatigue, maintain proper driving standards and protect the safety of lone drivers.

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