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EU introduces technology requirements for new vehicles from 2022

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EU introduces technology requirements for new vehicles from 2022

As time has gone on the requirement to bring in new automotive technologies in the aid of safety has increased. Every year the EU mandates the requirement of a variety of new technologies designed to make vehicles safer both for drivers and vulnerable road users. 2022 is set to be no different with the EU set to introduce 15 new required technologies ranging from reversing cameras to Autonomous Braking with the majority welcomed by Road Safety groups. However, Autocar reports that one feature in particular, intelligent speed assistance, has come under fire from critics. Given the system has been designed to scan road signs ‘where possible’ opinions are that this is the first step toward total governance of a cars speed.

The EU goes on to state that: “Every year, 25,000 people lose their lives on our roads. The vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error. We can and must act to change this. With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, we can have the same kind of impact as when the safety belts were first introduced.” Going on to say: “Many of the new features already exist, in particular in high–end vehicles. Now we raise the safety level across the board and pave the way for connected and automated mobility of the future.”

The new required technologies for 2022 are as follows:

  • Advanced emergency braking (cars, vans)
  • Alcohol interlock installation facilitation (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Drowsiness and attention detection (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Distraction recognition / prevention (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Event (accident) data recorder (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Emergency stop signal (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Full-width frontal occupant protection crash test – improved seatbelts (cars and vans)
  • Head impact zone enlargement for pedestrians and cyclists -safety glass in case of crash (cars and vans)
  • Intelligent speed assistance (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Lane keeping assist (cars, vans)
  • Pole side impact occupant protection (cars, vans)
  • Reversing camera or detection system (cars, vans, trucks, buses)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (vans, trucks, buses)
  • Vulnerable road user detection and warning on front and side of vehicle (trucks and buses
  • Vulnerable road user improved direct vision from driver’s position (trucks and buses)

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