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What can the EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics System do for you? 

EchoMaster Connected

What can the EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics System do for you? 

The EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics system has years of experience globally in vehicle and safety technology, having worked with a range of customers from OEMs, Dealerships, Fleets direct, installers and trade suppliers. Our video telematics solutions are proven to increase efficiency, improve safety and give you a greater insight into your fleet. The advanced video telematics systems we provide ensure the high driving standards you expect are maintained whilst also giving you 24/7 visibility of your fleet. Here are just a few other ways our EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics platform can help you and your fleet.

 EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics Platform

The EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics platform comes with a number of different applications that help you improve efficiency within your fleet whilst also keeping you informed on the whereabouts and situation of your individual vehicles.

  • The 24/7 tracking system allows you to livestream the location and view multiple camera feeds directly from your vehicles where ever they are.
  • The platform features a notification system that will tell you when your vehicles get into trouble and notify your team so you can adjust on the fly to any issues that arise.
  • The EchoMaster Connected Platforms live reporting feature allows you to keep accurate up to date records of a broad range of statistics across your fleet.
  • Access to your fleet on the go thanks to the dedicated smart phone app allowing you to assess your fleet wherever you are.


Video Telematics Technology

The range of technology that is compatible with the EchoMaster Connected platform gives drivers the best view of their vehicle, ensuring the safe handling of fleets. Also supplied are a number of monitoring equipment that not only keeps track of the driver but also the road ahead to ensure the safety and efficiency of the vehicle.

  • By installing our range of cameras to each of your vehicles you will be able to record any accidents and provide evidence to your insurance company and police.
  • Using GPS has now become commonplace whether it’s in SAT Nav or route planning. However, linking GPS and video footage provides much better detail in case of an accident. Showing the exact date, time, speed as well as footage of road conditions and the point of impact all in one place speeds up the processing of claims.
  • Our Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) can be installed to ensure workers are not driving dangerously or breaching traffic laws with audible warnings to the driver should an issue arise. Use these systems to demonstrate and reward good practice, training drivers to use these systems when they need to take breaks.
  • Our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) alerts the driver to any possible forward collisions, lane departures and pedestrian detections whilst also notifying the fleet manager should any issues arise.
  • The whole selection of camera equipment installed on your vehicle not only give the driver 360-degree views but is also available to you remotely.


EchoMaster Support

EchoMaster are proud to offer industry leading aftersales support ensuring an ongoing and co-operative relationship between fleet manager and video telematics supplier. We aim to make sure of continued satisfaction with our services and to maintain the highest levels of security for your data and information.

  • Our highly specialised UK team can support and advise you on what you need to achieve compliance and meet the latest legislation standards whether it be for FORS 6.0, DVS or new changes to the highway code.
  • All processes follow strict data protocols and GDPR data compliance regulations managed by our inhouse team to ensure the security of your data, making sure your data is secure.
  • Our UK-Based technical team are ready to support and assist you with any advice, projects or training you may need when looking for a Video Telematics system.


For more information about our EchoMaster Connected Video Telematics Platform or to book a free demonstration contact our team who will be more than happy to assist you:

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