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How to Comply with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

How to Comply with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

How to Comply with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS).

The Direct Vision Standard or as many know it: DVS is an initiative set up by the city of London Mayor Sadiq.

Aiming to raise the road safety standard within the city’s jurisdiction, DVS forms part of the UK’s Vision Zero plan, intended to reduce road accidents and deaths that involve HGVs.  DVS compliance is primarily designed to eliminate HGV related risks, such as blind spots, which account for the vast majority of fatal and near-fatal collisions between HGVs and pedestrians and cyclists in the UK.  

Though new regulations may seem daunting at first, DVS basically translates as the following:  

Vehicles that weigh more than 12 tonnes, need to hold a valid HGV Permit to prove their compliance with the new safety standards or risk hefty fines.  

Though the Coronavirus Pandemic has delayed the rollout of the new compliance rules, we are expecting the regulations to come into force within the next months. Hence, we urge all our HGV customers and partners, to make good use of the delay by utilising the extra time to gear up their safety standards and ensure they are fully compliant. 

DVS Requirements 

To obtain an HGV Safety Permit, there are several safety measures each individual vehicle must adopt to be able to qualify: 

  • Both sides of your vehicle must have underrun protection
  • The nearside of your vehicle must Have:  
    • A camera monitoring system 
    • A class V mirror 
    • A sensor system that alerts the driver of any road users 
  • You must have an audible vehicle manoeuvring warning system for left turns 
  • As well as external markings and warning signage
  • Finally, a class VI mirror needs to be fitted to the front of your vehicle 

What’s Next 

Many fleets in the UK already adopt a safe driving culture and have vehicle ratings of three stars or higher. Would your vehicles fall within this group, you can apply for your HGV Safety Permits today. If you are already FORS Silver S6 compliant, you will also meet the above DVS requirements and should apply for your permits as soon as possible.  

Vehicle and road safety is a much-discussed topic in the HGV industry. Whether you operate your lorries in London or the midlands, working towards meeting Vision Zero standards is key to increasing safety standards for your drivers as well as other road users.  

To upgrade your vehicles and learn more about getting DVS compliant, contact the EchoMaster team for a no-strings-attached conversation or a demo of our solutions.