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Video Camera Switcher

The VS41 is an Universal 4-Camera Switcher that features four camera inputs (front, left and right side, and rear) and one video output for connecting to a factory or aftermarket radio with a video display.

The inputs are triggered by driver behaviour with the rear back-up inputs automatically activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and side inputs prompted by the turn signals. The VS41 is a perfect complement to the versatile universal mount back-up and side blind spot elimination cameras from EchoMaster.

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  • 4-Camera Input (Front, Rear and Side Cameras)
  • Connects directly to analog turn-signal circuit with flash eliminating signal buffer for uninterrupted side camera activation
  • Works with OE or Aftermarket Radio (OE requires interface)
  • Provides Reverse Camera Output Trigger for Aftermarket Radios

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