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Short Chassis Heavy Duty Headunit – Radio Only

The RM2001 short-chassis Radio/Bluetooth head unit has been designed to withstand the wear and tear of use over challenging terrain and in harsh weather conditions, with all openings and inputs designed to manage the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture, to ensure optimum functionality. The unit also comes with voice control for handsfree calling & music streaming along with a Phonebook Quick Browse Function making communication easier. As well as the All-Angle Display, World Tuner and robust button operation, the RM2001 is the ideal solution for heavy duty installations.

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  • All Angle Display
  • World Tuner (FM/MW/LW/WB Multi-Band Radio Receiver)
  • High Power Output (4 x 40 watts)
  • Permanent Memory (EEPROM)
  • Fixed Front Panel
  • AUX In (Front/Rear option)
  • USB input with Rubber Seal
  • Line Output x 4 (Optional)
  • Compatible with an External Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Media Meta-Data Display with Quick Browse
  • 1A USB charging


Benefits of the RM2000 Range

  • Conformal Coating – To seal the circuit board and all vital components eliminating the effect of corrosion, dust and moisture ingress.
  • 72 Hour Open ‘Salt Spray’ Tested – Designed to eliminate possible dendritic growth and reduce the possible short circuit of components when exposed to harsh environmental factors.
  • ‘Hot-Box’ Tested –
    To identify and remove any faulty components by exposing them to high temperature endurance ensuring correct operation.
  • Chemically Tested – A comprehensive list of common household and automotive chemicals are tested to ensure the units functionality is not affected when exposed to such chemicals.
  • Designed to Manage Dust & Dirt – All unit openings and exposed areas are rubber sealed to minimise dust & dirt ingress, ensuring their function is not impaired. For example, the screen. Although not sealed, it is sheilded with air flow managed to reduce any dust settling between the lens and the display LCD.
  • Vibration Tested – Reducing the effect of component failure when operated on rough and uneven terrain such as construction and agricultural locations ensuring correct operation.
  • Robust Button Operation – The fixed front panel of the unit has been designed to withstand heavy user operation when vehicle is in use.
  • Comprehensive Approvals – The RM2000 range has a comprehensive range of approvals and certifications: RED Approved, CB Approved, CE Approved, E-Marked, FCC-ID, FCC Approval, IC Approval and LVD Approval for worldwide use.

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