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Left-Hand Driver Blind Spot Camera Display (Long Bracket)

A Blind Spot Monitor Kit provides the driver with both long and short range images to ensure that other vehicles, cyclists and other vulnerable road-users are protected when the vehicle is manoeuvring or turning.


The CAM-MON-BS-LHL Left-Hand Blind Spot Display with Rear-Facing and Blind Spot cameras and long bracket provides real-time synchronisation & display of both distant and short-range images to provide the driver with a comprehensive view of a vehicles blindspot ensuring obstacles such as vehicles, cyclists and other vulnerable road users are protected when the vehicle is turning or changing lanes. The Blindspot Display supports WDR/HDR imaging technology to enhance image quality, Automatic Ambient Light Adjustment and Anti-Glare Night-Vision functionality along with Water/Dust-proof casing to ensure optimum operation in both low-light and adverse weather conditions.

With Automatic recording upon start up, (upto) 128GB SD card storage and video playback, and supporting dual camera recording, the CAM-MON-BS-LHL ensures all key video evidence is stored for use in the event of an accident or possible false insurance claim.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the blind spot around the A-pillar when manoeuvring or changing lanes
  • Supports WDR/HDR imaging technology to enhance image quality even in the harshest driving environments
  • ‘Real-Time’ synchronisation of both distant and close-range images without time delay.
  • Automatic Ambient Light Adjustment
  • Anti-Glare Night Vision Technology
  • Waterproof & Dust-proof Casing
  • Display with Audio
  • SD Storage (up to 128GB)
  • Supports Optional Third Camera
  • Automatic Recording on Boot-up
  • Supports Video Playback



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