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Ford Camera Interface Module

The VI-FORD-SYNC-3-PB is an innovative camera interface that allows the installation of 2 camera feeds or inputs such as a compatible DVR or 360 camera system where specific OE solutions are not fitted. The camera inputs of the interface can be switched by utilising the external switch button supplied or the reverse signal of the vehicle. The LVDS connection to the display ensures a high-quality, picture with no shaking or loss of resolution when switching between the camera feeds.

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  • 2 Camera Inputs


  • Enables the installation of 2 video inputs where OE solutions are not fitted
  • Can be used in conjunction with a compatible DVR or 360 Camera System
  • Camera Switching via External Button or Reverse Signal
  • High-Quality Image with No Loss of Reception


What’s in the box

  • VI-FORD-SYNC-3-PB Interface Module
  • CAN Harness Cable
  • Power Cable
  • LVDS Cable
  • External Camera Switch

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