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Blue Linear Worklamp

The SL-BL-10-80 is an innovative safety lamp that emits a straight blue light that is projected onto the floor around vehicles such as forklifts and similar machinery operating in high-traffic areas in order to provide a visual ‘safe-space’ around the vehicle.

The multi-voltage operation of the SL-BL-10-80 allows for quick and installation into the existing vehicle wiring and when combined with two or more lights, will provide an all-round visual warning.

SKU: SL-BL-10-80 Category:
  • SafeSpace Safe-Space
  • Multi-Voltage Multi-Voltage


  • Emits a Blue Warning Light Strip
  • IP67 Water/Debris-proof Rating
  • Multi-Voltage Operation (10-80V)
  • Power: 6W
  • Single Bolt Mounting
  • E-Mark Certification

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