Freight & Haulage

Safety Products & Solutions for the Freight & Haulage Industry

With almost half a million registered commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in the UK alone, our economy is becoming more and more dependent on having an efficient road haulage infrastructure.

The industry is highly competitive and under pressure to keep margins low and improve safety and productivity. EchoMaster’s solutions can help you to respond quickly to the ever-increasing industry demands.

We Are Here To Help

EchoMaster’s range of safety solutions and connected video telematics services give you everything you need to securely and efficiently operate your fleet.

Our Range Covers

  • A Fully Integrated Video Telematics Service 
  • Full HD Camera and Video Quality 
  • Cloud-based platform accessible via web and app 
  • In-vehicle Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) 
  • Commercial Dash Cameras 
  • Reverse Cameras 
  • Internal Cameras for Cab and Trailer 
  • Left and Right Turn Alarms 

  • Reverse Alarms 
  • Reverse Sensors 
  • Side Sensors 
  • Monitors 
  • Connection Adapters and Extension Leads 
  • Heavy Duty Stereos 
  • Speakers 
  • Installation Accessories 

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Need support with your Direct Vision Standard solution?

Our EchoMaster team have designed a series of DVS compliant product solutions kits specifically for a range of vehicles affected by the Direct Vision Standard.

Find out more information and advice about our DVS solutions

Why Work With EchoMaster?

The commercial vehicle industry has enabled us to develop a comprehensive service package to support and add value to the development of long term customer relationships. We have years of experience working alongside a wide range of OEM and OES customers and can provide a high level of service to businesses of any size. Our existing customer base spans many commercial sectors including agriculture, construction, Feet and leisure.

We are ready to partner with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. With their wealth of skills and experience, they can develop cutting-edge, bespoke products which can take your business to the next level. From conception to launch, we can ensure an exceptional level of quality and durability which have become hallmarks of our development process.

During the design, development and launch phases ensures that you’re always supported. We are proven in delivering on-time and on-budget projects with effective and smooth implementation from start to finish. We believe in standing together with our customers to provide the best in product training, technical help and ongoing aftersales support.

Our systems ensure that manufacturing is completed to the highest specification. With current ISO 9001 accreditation, we offer our OEM customers a wide range of bespoke solutions directed towards their specific requirements.