With a whole host of products and technology to choose from as well as new legislation to follow Video Telematics has become an integral part of managing your feet. But every business and fleet is different and one solution does not fit all.

We understand that finding the right solution starts with you and understanding your problems and key goals.

5 step guide to the right Video Telematics System

Identifying the problems


Working with a broad range of customers from OEMs, dealers, importers, resellers, installers and fleets direct EchoMaster has created a list of top goals based on the various wants and needs from a selection of our customers to base the EchoMaster Connected Service on.

Our advice is to start with a list of problems within your fleet and then add to that your ideal solution. At this point the system or product is irrelevant, it’s what you see as a solution. A good service provider will listen and take on board your specific needs and goals, and work with you to find a solution that’s best for you and your fleet.



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Solutions to the problem

Gain better visibility of my fleet

By introducing a complete Video Telematics System you can not only gain insights into your driver’s journey times and locations but you can also see in real-time what your drivers are seeing.

  • Complete visibility of a vehicles location
  • Instant notification when problems on the road arise
  • Monitor the safety of your drivers
  • Analyse data captured and use this data to improve operations and performance

Evidence of vehicle damage and high maintenance costs

  • Full vehicle Video integration
  • Push notifications
  • Built-in video Evidence Centre
  • GPS location data
  • Fully integrated Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
  • Ai ADAS functionality to help aid the driver

Reduce insurance claims

  • Full vehicle video integration
  • FNOL – First Notification of Loss
  • Built-in video Evidence Centre
  • GPS location data

Achieve compliance with Government regulations

  • Full vehicle video integration giving the driver better visibility of their surroundings
  • A full suite of products that comply to legislation
  • A knowledgeable team that can guide you through the process
  • Bespoke options tailored to what you need for each vehicle

Improve fuel costs and journey times

  • Use GPS location data across your fleet
  • Analyse data captured to improve performance
  • LiveView Video evidence shows problems as they occur
  • Live overview of your fleet in action

Reduce worker injuries and claims

  • Internal and external video integration across your entire fleet
  • Fully integrated video evidence centre
  • Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
  • Capture internal video data to improve driver behaviour

Identify your goals


This will be governed by a number of factors including your senior management, your own customers, new contracts or new legislation introduced. Whatever your goals make a note of them, setting simple KPIs will give the provider an insight into what you want to achieve.

Our customers are seeing great results using the Connected platform and using the SMART reporting suite can easily present data and evidence to whoever is requesting it.



Download our guide to help you get the system that is right for you


List of Goals

Your Goals
1 Reduce Accidents

Set your KPIs to suit your business

Year 1 Year 2
By 15% By 25%

Get your team sorted

You may be the one tasked with finding the right system but understanding what your colleagues need and want is also key to achieving this. Building the right team internally will not only help you choose the system that works for you, but will also find you a system that works best for everyone in the business.


We have put a list of some of the things you need to think about internally.

  • Feedback from colleagues in different roles?
  • Who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the system?
  • What do others expect to achieve by using the system?

Your extended team

Remember that your internal team are not the only support you need when implementing a Video Telematics system. Your provider is also a big part of your team. Not only through the setup process but the aftercare and support they offer are crucial to your business. Bringing the right provider on board that can support you and your team will only help the process achieve its best.

Choosing the right solution


The next step is to look at the different software options on the market and request a  demonstration of the system in action. This will not only give you a good insight into what you will be dealing with but also ask the questions important to you and your business. Although online research helps you learn what’s available it is important that you see a demonstration of the system. It also gives you an insight into the company that you are dealing with.

When going into any demonstration put together a basic set of questions that help get the key information you require for you and your business.

What kind of questions should you ask a supplier?

1. If we go with yourself can you explain how your process works?
2. Can you explain how your technology works?
3. Do you offer a trial of the system before I commit to buying?
4. Do you offer training and does this cost?
5. Who installs the products and the system?
6. What downtime will we have when implementing the system?
7. How do you support me and the business?
8. What happens when everything is installed and set up?
9. Do you have any references that you can share with me?
10. How much will it cost?


We offer a full demonstration of the Connected Suite to make sure you are comfortable with the software and that we can offer exactly what you want in fleet management software.

The final step

Step 5 image



At the final step, you will have spent many hours researching online a whole host of providers that meet your criteria. You will have also sat in multiple different demonstrations and asked all the questions that are important to you and your team. You also by now should have a general idea of costs. These may not be the actual project costs but should be a good indication of what costs are involved.

It’s now time to meet the supplier/s that you feel tick all your boxes. This is an important stage of the process as it helps to give you a good insight into the supplier. Get face to face and see if you feel comfortable working with them. Any provider should be there for the long term, not just the quick win. Understanding and seeing the business you will look to bring on as your preferred supplier is key to a successful system.

Once you have this you are all set to go. You make the final arrangements sign the relevant paperwork and set the project in motion.

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