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Get connected with our range of SIM options that can be tailored to your requirements. From 12 to 36 month contracts and a choice of data allowance, EchoMaster can provide you with the right package for your specific needs giving you complete control over your your fleet.

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The EchoMaster Cloud has been designed to retrieve and store data from your fleet, including live video footage captured from every camera and up-to-the-minute telematics processed by each DVR.

Through a combination of video and analytical data, you can get the full picture of what happened during an incident in real time and share that information with whoever needs it most.

Having immediate access to all of the evidence ensures that decisions can be made quickly and with conviction to minimise costs or improve efficiency.

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EchoMaster Connected partners with ARM.

From providing the IP for the chip to delivering the cloud services that allow organizations to securely manage the deployment of products throughout their lifecycle, Arm delivers a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution for our partners and customers. It’s rooted in our deep understanding of the future of compute and security.

Nationwide FITAS Installation

Together with our approved, FITAS-registered installation partners across the UK, getting your EchoMaster Connected system up and running is simple.

We are proud to offer a fitting and installation service so that your fleet ca be upgraded with our cameras, monitors, and DVRs to your exacr specification by our experts.

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