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Side Alert System for Commercial Vehicles

The SA-US4 Side Alert system from EchoMaster helps reduce risk and minimises both collisions and damage by alerting drivers of large vehicles to obstacles such as cyclists or pedestrians within the vehicle blind spots, whether stationary or manoeuvring at low speeds. The system consists of 4 daisy chained heavy duty sensors that can be flush mounted to the vehicle, or underslung when used with the metal brackets provided.

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  • Audio Visual Warning Audio Visual Warning
  • Daisy Chained Sensors Daisy Chained Sensors
  • Triangulation Technology Triangulation Technology
  • Wide Detection Range


  • Dip switch settings for detection zone distance and warning adjustment
  • Visual & Audible in-cab warnings
  • Activation upon turn signal
  • Concentrated Warning Zone when brake pedal pressed
  • Audible & Visual WarningS
  • Low Profile, Paintable Sensors
  • Flush Mount or Underslung Fitment
  • Daisy Chained Sensor Heads
  • Wide Detection Angle with Minimal Blind Area
  • Triangulation Technology
  • OE Sounded Buzzer
  • E-Mark Certification

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