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7.0″ Dash Mount Dual Input Monitor

The MON-70 is a versatile, freestanding dash mounted monitor. At a sizeable 7″, the MON-70 monitor provides a crisp, clear view of the things you can’t see in the rearview or sideview mirrors.

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Built with unique circuitry, the MON-70 display can run on a multi-voltage system (9-36 volts), despite a consistent 12-volt output meaning it can interface effortlessly with any of EchoMaster’s many camera offerings, without the need for extra adapters.

The MON-70 is equipped with dual video and dual audio outputs, plus an extra AV input and wired headphone socket at the front. A built-in speaker gives you auditory information about your surroundings, and an attached sunshade helps keep your monitor visible, even in direct sunlight.

Key Features

  • 7” High resolution display
  • Dual Video Inputs
  • Reverse trigger detect
  • Dash Mount Fan Bracket included
  • Remote Control

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